Today’s Card: The Lovers

I shuffled my Nine Lives Tarot deck, while thinking about what is important for people around the world – and the card that wanted to be picked for ‘Today’s Card’ was … The Lovers. This card always makes me happy, because no matter where things are at in life, it always rings as a true reminder of what really matters in life: LOVE and the meaningful connections we form with those we love and care for. The Lovers represent mutual respect, passion and the desire to be with another person. Unions of love make us stronger, while at the same time asking of us to be vulnerable and exposed to the possibility of being hurt; for to have loved is to have lived.

The Lovers

The Lovers - illustrated by Annette Abolins

Traditional Keywords associated with The Lovers:

  • Love
  • Union
  • Relationship
  • Trust
  • Passion
  • Duality
  • Attraction

The words linked to my visual interpretation of this card are:

We are the Lovers – representing the aspect of your Self, which is solely focussed on love, passion, trust and commitment. We are here to encourage you to succumb to love and passion, while reminding you that uniting fully with another being requires you to be vulnerable and trusting.

The Lovers represent mutual attraction and the power love has to bring us closer to our true self. The couple embrace while surrounded by fruits of the earth and the ocean, their nudity suggests intimacy and openness in a union where there is nothing to hide from the other.

When this card appears in a reading, it may be referring to an important relationship in your life, it may also represent and remind you of a need to be true to yourself and your beliefs.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Card: The Lovers”

  1. Beautifully explained. I thought that it was an interesting exercise: picking a card at random, though, in fact, I wonder if there really is anything that is ‘random’? That card was meant to be picked because that is what is important for you just now at this moment in time. I’ll be looking forward to more posts.

    • Thank you for commenting and welcome to Nine Lives Tarot :)
      I do believe that the cards appear for a reason, and agree with you that ‘random’ is out the window :) When ‘Today’s Card’ is selected (no matter who does the selecting), it is very clear that it is being selected for a post on this blog (i.e. the card isn’t about me, or the person selecting the card), and as such I hope these cards can resonate with readers while providing an informal introduction to the cards and their mysterious ways :)

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