Introducing Art Bookmarks

Combining a love of reading with a love of drawing…

I love the escapism and well of inspiration that good books provide. Stories told through words become a narration for the visuals unfolding in the mind (sort of like a movie in your head) – from the scenery to the appearance of each character, along with jaw-dropping visual effects and close-ups to capture significant detail. At times, these fascinating tales inspire images that just have to be drawn or painted.

Having been down the road of using any old piece of scrap paper to mark the place in a book, I thought it was time to create something a bit more exciting, that would last through many reading adventures.

These art bookmarks are created from original pen and ink drawings and feature characters and themes inspired by stories and a vivid imagination. Each bookmark is mounted on sturdy (600gsm) black card, for extra durability and protection.

Pen and ink drawing in progress for Haunted Nights by Abolina Art
Ink drawing of woman with flowing hair and musical instruments
Pen & ink illustration with handcrafted colourful bookmark on top

Treasures to collect or give away…

Being small and flat, bookmarks are great for sending anywhere in the world (and can be purchased from the store with the lowest shipping rates).

Art bookmark displayed with original pen & ink drawing of a sleeping cat and mice playing
Colourful art bookmark featuring line drawing of circles painted in warm summer tones
Spirit Guides bookmark with pen & ink drawing in background
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