Creative Road Maps & New To-Do Lists

A visual roadmap showing different stages involved in a creative project can be a way of both organising thoughts and telling a kind of ‘behind the scenes’ story. What tools were used? How long did something take? What inspired the project in the first place?

Even though technically, all roads don’t lead to Rome, there are many different roads leading to completed decks of playing cards, collections of artworks and other creative projects (each road invariably shaped by the artist charging forth in an obligatory, yet fictional chariot)... The road maps created for Nine Lives Tarot and VIZAĜO Playing Cards (recently updated) and Nine Lives Playing Cards, provide a visual overview of the process, tools and inspirational journey behind each of these decks. A great place to start if you are curious or want to find out more about my illustrated card decks.

Creative Roadmaps preview collage Nine Lives Tarot & Playing Card design
VIZAĜO Road Map Nine Lives Tarot Visual Story Creating Nine Lives Playing Cards

Creating Wearable Art

Continuing the visual stories, I have also put together a page about my jewellery making; a walk-through showing the creative process of translating artwork into miniature canvasses combined with cabochon glass pendant, earring and ring settings.

The process of creating original jewellery incorporating my artwork

Creating Wearable Art

To Do lists: New Designs & Special offer in store!

Whale Dreaming to do list showing artwork incorporated behind writing area

Daily planning is so much more rewarding when you add fun and feel-good achievement rewarding to the task. These bright and colourful to do lists are perfect for organising (anything), note taking, shopping lists, jotted down reminders and happy goal setting. A6 format with 100 pages in each pad.

Individually cello-wrapped to do lists A6 size 100 pages Individually cello-wrapped to do lists A6 size 100 pages To Do List A6 size with 100 tear off pages Bright colourful border design and semi-transparent artwork on each page

View in store

With three designs to choose from all on special until April 30, it’s a great time to get organised!

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4 thoughts on “Creative Road Maps & New To-Do Lists”

  1. Hi Annette – hope you’re well and your ‘dreams’ are progressing. I noticed you don’t have a share to FB on instagram on your website or articles – might be useful?
    See you soon.
    A x

    • Thank you Amanda :) Dreams are currently taking shape in their ‘natural’ state, soon to unfold (is the plan) … Thanks for your thoughts on ‘share’ too, I tend to forget about that aspect as I’m not on FB ;)

  2. Your roadmaps are amazing, as are the projects they are mapping. I am full of admiration: how do you keep track of all the different steps and how long each step has taken? With me it would be ‘a long time’ or ‘a very long time’. Congratulations on a beautiful (and informative) post.

    • Thank you Diane, for your heart-warming comment! I do have to say that visual mapping does allow for the ‘long time’, ‘short time’ or ‘bit of this and that’ as it’s more about describing the overall picture (which I do find easy to see/remember) though… with VIZAĜO, the sheer size of the project required a more organised and ‘documented’ approach, which meant I had plenty of numbers on hand. I had fun creating the road maps and I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!

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