From Ink drawing to Original Jewellery

Transforming my artworks into jewellery pieces is a fascinating journey involving many different stage, where lots of research, testing and care has gone into selecting materials and refining the making process. The excitement of applying creativity to a new project, has quickly inspired more artworks, designs and a growing range of jewellery.

The process of creating original jewellery incorporating my artwork

Sun and Moon - interpreted as celestial deities in original jewellery by Abolina Art

Sun & Moon

The artwork draws inspiration from reflective and invigorating meanings associated with the Sun and Moon. Portrayed as female deities, the Moon embodies emotional, intuitive guidance in blue hues and the Sun, imbued in warm colours, represents positive energy and joy.
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Creating tree of life jewellery with season colours and flowing detail

Tree of Life

Influenced by empowering qualities associated with ‘Tree of Life’, the ink drawing represents movement and growth, with colour and texture bringing seasonal change to the finished pieces. In the same way as a tree weathers storms and changes with the seasons, we are constantly changing as we weather the storms and wonders of life.
Tree of Life Pendants

The Orca - ocean inspired artwork transformed to striking art pendants by Abolina Art

Majestic Seafarers

Inspired by a long fascination with the ocean and the majestic creatures who call the ever-changing seas their home, the Orca pendant represents freedom, strength and wisdom.
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Each piece is created to be a joy to wear. Find that one-off jewellery item that speaks to you, combine pieces by colour and style or discover great gift ideas.

Star signs

This symmetrical Zodiac wheel has the 12 star signs orbiting a pentagram in the centre. Line drawings combine with colour and texture, bringing movement and life to the finished pieces. Inspired by the belief that each person is a kaleidoscope of traits and talents, wearing all twelve signs of the Zodiac allows you to embrace every part, while still honouring your birth star sign.
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Zodiac pendants - from original artwork to finished pendant