Nine Lives Playing Cards (poker)

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Limited edition illustrated playing cards featuring detailed artwork with Kings, Queens and Jacks from Nine Lives Tarot drawn and clothed to match their corresponding playing card suit.

  • 54 poker size cards (63 x 88 mm)
  • Tarot inspired with dual symbols on courts & aces
  • Signature Jokers featuring artist and cat
  • Limited Edition – numbered seal on tuck box
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Company

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Nine Lives Playing Cards - poker size cards illustrated by Annette Abolins

… a little more about the deck

Nine Lives Playing Cards (Poker Size) features Kings, Queens and Knights (Jacks) from Nine Lives Tarot, redrawn and clothed to match their corresponding playing card suit. Following in the footsteps of the bridge size deck, this second edition incorporates additional detail in the artwork, adapting to the wider (poker) card size. Countless hours and plenty of creative joy went into the design and artwork. The deck was crowned Winner of the 2015 PCF Deck Design Competition and my thanks go to the wonderful supporters on Playing Card Forum and print experts at EPCC for making it possible to bring Nine Lives Playing Cards to the world!

Nine Lives Playing Cards incorporates symbols from both tarot and playing card suits, where each of the royal figures and the four aces portray a connection between two ancient card systems:

  • Hearts = Cups
  • Clubs = Rods
  • Diamonds = Pentacles
  • Spades = Swords

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