New Year & New Creations

Hoping that 2021 proves to be a (much) better year compared to the one we’ve just left behind. While not all was bad about 2020, the year certainly threw spanners in the works, challenging people on so many levels. Hoping that we actually come out of this stronger and more inspired, here is a little round up of my latest creations – all available at Nine Lives Art.

Pendants, Earrings, Rings & To-Do Lists…

Embracing Summer (currently, sweltering through a heatwave in this part of the world), I’ve enjoyed creating designs with lots of colour.
The Butterfly Fairy started out as a simple sketch and then fluttered about to result in multiple colour variations. By now she has made her way onto small and large pendants, where she enjoys changing her dress (depending on the occasion) and fluttering through shades of midnight blue, purple and the enchanted backdrop of a magical garden.

The Paisley Flower collection celebrates colour with a focus on playful movement; shiny little jewels that love to stand out. With floral detail and whimsical shapes, my inspiration was to create a design that radiates ‘fun and special’; like when you find that gorgeous pebble on the beach or a stunning flower in a meadow – as if they were waiting for just you  to come along! Fun to wear and great little gifts, there are pendants, earrings and rings in the store.

Anatomy has us spending more time looking at our own hands than our neckline, which makes rings quite special and personal – even without considering the meanings associated with particular types of rings. Rings on fingers can provide distraction (moving from one finger to the next) and can carry symbolic and significant meaning to the bearer, while also being eye-catching delights. Handcrafted individually, these rings are great for a gift, keepsake, or to match any occasion, outfit or mood.

As one who struggles to stay organised, I believe incentivesinspirations and motivations are necessary tools in the battle against annoying adversaries such as procrastination and disarray. One such tool, capable and brave enough to challenge anything standing in the way of organisational success, is the ancient… tried and trusted… TO DO LIST! This colourful pad (with 100 tear-off pages) is packed with organisational power and clean design, to be your trusted daily planner helper!

Playing Cards – Special

Until the end of January, you can pick up Nine Lives and VIZAĜO Playing Cards at a special discounted New Year price.

red deck - custom illustrated playing cards by Annette Abolins
blue deck custom illustrated cards with bold faces by Annette Abolins
limited edition tarot inspired playing cards by Abolina Art

Shipping Options…

Unfortunately, I am unable to take on Australia Post and the increased cost of shipping brought on by AP suspending all ‘economy’ parcel options for international shipping (*sad face), however I do try to offer a range of shipping options (wherever possible) and will always do my utmost to ensure your treasures are packed and sent with care.  Some items (single deck of playing cards & to-do list) can be shipped as a letter (no tracking), which can save plenty if you feel comfortable with that option. Combining an order with a friend can also help save on postage. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out :)

Creative and positive greetings!

Annette :)