Who and what are Tarot cards for?

Who uses Tarot cards – what can the cards tell us?

Tarot cards can be (and are) used by people from all walks of life: readers, collectors, enthusiasts,  novices … everyone :) Anyone can pick up a deck of Tarot cards and develop fascination and joy in using the cards.

Being a visual tool, the Tarot fits perfectly with the saying “a picture tells more than a thousand words”; what the picture tells You may well be different from what it tells someone else – and that is okay :)  The cards can be a useful way to look at situations from a new perspective; a kind of intuitive, objective or even lateral take on the underlying factors in a situation; prompting Aha! moments where we’re reminded of something we hadn’t considered (which may very well be the key to solving the puzzle).

References to the past may appear in the cards (as the past affects how we feel and who we are today), we may also see references to our thoughts about the future – these references can provide clarity on where things are at in the here and now.

Tarot cards can be used for:

  • Visual meditation – selecting cards and simply letting the mind wander
  • Seeking clarity on everyday issues
  • Finding answers to: What and How ( for example: What do I feel about this person or situation, How can I achieve the outcome I want? – or: What is preventing me from moving forward in life, How do I overcome this?) 
  • Putting your analytical mind aside; the clues in the cards can provide an alternate answer to where you are at.

How does this work?

If you think about the Tarot as a link to your sub-conscious  (i.e what you already know, but may not have thought of or clarified), shuffling and selecting cards allows the sub-conscious to come into play; the cards are simply a visual tool for helping us see clarity.

3 card reading - Nine Lives Tarot

Some people read their cards several times a day, while others are happy to do a reading once in a while (perhaps in connection with a specific time or event). Whether you choose to read often or once a year, whether you want to learn your interpretations from books, or base your interpretations on how the cards speak to you, doesn’t really matter – as long as it works for you.

Cards and their meanings

The visual language and layers of symbols within the Tarot, provide a really good starting point for interpretation – To get some idea of how the cards work, it can help to familiarise yourself with the basics, as this will give you the insight to form your own understanding and interpretations. If you want to delve deeper, there are countless books and sources (both online and offline), which cover the Tarot from all imaginable angles. You can also read the descriptive meanings associated with each of the Nine Lives Tarot cards here