Reading Tarot Cards

Reading tarot cards
shuffling cards

Shuffling the Cards

You have a deck of tarot cards in your hand, now what?
Handling and shuffling your cards is a nice way to centre yourself and pause before a reading. A new deck may take a little while to ‘break in’, so spending time with your cards is the best way to work out how you like to shuffle.

As Tarot cards tend to be larger than playing cards (and may not lend to riffle or faro shuffling), many prefer to ‘step’ shuffle, or simply spread and mix the cards (face-down) on a flat surface.

Asking the Question…

Focussing on What and How can provide more clarity in a reading:

  • What do I need to see more clearly?
  • What can I do to help…?
  • What do I need to focus on right now?
  • What are my true feelings about…?
  • How can I improve on my chances of…?
  • How How does X relate to (or influence) Y?
3 card reading
5 card spread and Horseshoe spread

Celtic Cross Spread

The classic Celtic Cross spread offers more in-depth insight, where ten cards are used to tell the story. In essence, the six first cards provide insight on the heart of the matter (the Situation) , both on an inner level (cards 1 & 2) and outer level (cards 3 – 6). The last four cards provide clarity on how influences & environment impact on what is happening.  (cards 7 & 8) can provide insight on ‘How I see myself’ versus ‘How others see me’, as those around us tend to see qualities we might not always be aware of in ourselves. The final card in the spread (card 10) provides a possible outcome/direction or advice, a reflection on the other nine cards in the spread.

The layout shown here, is the one I use. There are plenty of variants on the Celtic Cross, where you might know or come across one that you like better. The main thing is that the reading works, or feels right for you.

If you want to delve deeper, you can find numerous guides and resources on reading tarot cards (online and in books). Once you become familiar with your cards you will discover what works for you and likely develop your own ways of reading the cards.

Celtic Cross Spread for in depth tarot reading
Symbols in Nine Lives Tarot cards