Reviews for Nine Lives Tarot

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I got my cards today. They are so beautiful. I have more than 600 sets of tarot and oracle cards and this is one of the most beautiful one that I have. The colours and the details and the little booklet that goes with it plus the bag and everything are just beautiful. Thank you very much for sending me this beautiful cards so quickly. I wish you all the best and also I hope you sell a lot. All the best.


Check out this stunning borderless & colourful deck by Australian artist Annette Abolins …

Silver Moon Cat

Nine Lives Tarot is my favourite deck! I collect decks and when this one caught my eye, I fell in love! I love the drawing, the colours and, of course, the ideas that have been woven into the cards using so many visual symbols. Every time I look at the cards, I see new things, which often tend to suggest new connections and a deeper understanding, not only of the cards themselves as small works of art, but also of the Tarot itself.


I got it! The postman did his best. Super fast from Australia to the Netherlands in 8 days! thank you so so much. First impression is very positive. The card-stock is perfect. Not glossy, sturdy but not too stiff and they shuffle like a dream.

The backs are a deep shade of blue and the printer managed to get the same tone on all the cards (pet peeve of mine, had a couple of decks with different shade on the backs… usually with blue) The colours are just like on the website. Strong, deep and alive.

The images are rider waite smith but with a personal twist that resonate well with my personal views on life and tarot. That’s probably why I’m so drawn to this deck (even more now its in my hands) because the artwork is nothing like the artwork I usually go for in tarot. I have a feeling I’m going to work with this deck a lot and I’m looking forward to the adventures we are going to share and the growing I’m going to do ;-)

Maan aka Hanneke

I would like to thank you so much for this lovely deck which I received today. I am a beginner at tarot, but have been long on the search for a deck that speaks to me (I watched Avalon’s review on YouTube, and purchased instantly!). I have been getting to know the cards all day, and am so pleased about how lovely it reads, it feels so positive, yet honest. I love the characters and the punchy colours in the artwork – it reminds me of a more modern version of Morgan Greer which I am thrilled about! Thank you so much again and good luck! :)


Hi, I just received the deck I ordered and wanted to tell you how much I love it. Beautiful, vibrant colours and lovely, easy to interpret artwork. I collect tarot decks and this is now officially one of my favourites.”


A vibrant, Aussie published tarot deck. Good card stock, matte finish. I purchased this via a Facebook sale.”

Sacred Keep Readings in The Tarot Parlour

Hello Annette!
Wanted to let you know the wonderful deck arrived safely today. I love it!
Thanks so much.”


Hi Annette, The cards are working wonderfully and I am being very honest. I get very beautiful and accurate readings.”


Reviews for VIZAĜO Playing Cards

Decks arrived in UK today thanks, super cards, great design, all the hard work you put in was well worth it and I hope you get around to designing a follow up deck, congratulations.

P.J. Tandy – via Kickstarter

I just received my four incredibly colorful and beautiful decks today, in California! Seeing how wonderful these cards are, as I had hoped they would be, has made me regret even more that I couldn’t afford to pledge for more at the time the project began! But I really feel sorry for those that didn’t pledge for any of these very special and fun decks! Thank You again for creating Decks that every Card Collector and Card Player should have; and even kids would love playing with too!

Will Hart – via Kickstarter

Got mine in the UK today. Thanks for a great job. one of the best decks I’ve got this year and certainly the most colourful, thanks again.

Doug Weber – via Kickstarter

Just one word…”WOW”! Well, maybe a few more…the decks are outstanding, amazing, fabulous, spectacular! They are so full of life that they almost feel like two new members of my family…you know the ones who are colourful and fun to be around! Congratulations and thank you so much.

Ashish Shukul

The very beginning of this video shows VJose32 Playing Card Archive unboxing VIZAĜO Playing Cards.

Really nice vibrant decks! 10 out of 10!

VJose32 Playing Card Archive

Reviews for Nine Lives Playing Cards

YouTube review by VJose32 Playing Card Archive: “Really nice deck, I can see why it won a design contest. Also available on her site in a bridge size and a tarot version…”

Hi Annette, my cards arrived today. Thank you so much! The card stock on the new deck is very nice, although I think I like the original just as much.”