Today’s Card – The Fool

When selecting a card from my deck to post about in the ‘Today’s Card‘ topic, I find it interesting how often the chosen card seems ‘universally’ just right for the moment … After shuffling, re-shuffling and shuffling again; the card on top of the pile gets turned over, and when seeing the card, there’s an ‘Aha’ moment of: Of Course it’s You :)

Today – The Fool has come out to play:

The Fool - Nine Lives Tarot - illustrated by Annette Abolins

The Fool arrives like a breath of fresh air: Her childlike mind is untainted and her curiosity untamed, as she takes in the world and her surroundings with wide open eyes. She is innocent and naive, though she carries wisdom from her past tucked away inside the little bag she wears around her neck. Her past wisdom can represent her previous lives (if you believe in reincarnation) or can be part of that ‘universal knowing’ you often see in the eyes of newborn babies… These gems of wisdom do serve to protect her, but, as they are tucked away (out of sight), they will not distract her, or colour her opinion of the world she is exploring anew.

The Fool has a a playful little Cat to accompany her along the way. The Cat is her guide and is deceptively wise, knowing when to nudge her fellow traveller away from danger. The Fool does keep her guide busy, because there are so many new and exciting things to explore in the world – yet, despite the near misses, they both have a lot of fun and bring joy to other travellers and dwellers along the way.

With arms in the air and wind on her face, she bounds along the path with rolling hills and fresh green grass on either side. Being the first card in the Major Arcana, The Fool is all about new beginnings, starting a new cycle, allowing hope and positive energy to shine on your days as you explore what is around the next bend.

Traditional Keywords for The Fool:

  • Innocence
  • Free Spirit
  • Youth
  • Beginnings
  • Hope
  • Spontaneous
  • Naive
  • Curiosity

In Nine Lives Tarot – this is what the Fool says in her own words:

“I am the Fool – with a spring in my step, I meet the world with youthful exuberance and anticipation. I represent your beginnings, your child persona and your innocence. I am a free spirit; walk with me on an unmarked path, learn to follow your dreams and feel excitement with every step.”

To me, The Fool is such a positive and happy card – It encourages us to turn over a new page and see the world with fresh eyes; where curiosity, willingness to learn, and Hope can fill our senses again. Do you have a different take on this card? I’d love to hear :)

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Annette :)


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  1. Morticia said that you made her day… At last there is someone who actually understands her. Great Post, and possibly rather fitting as you teeter on the beginning of your next Personal Year.

  2. I think I should make Morticia an honorary member of this blog! :) Thank you for visiting, for your insightful comments – and for passing on the sentiments of my furry friend… :)

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