Tarot Bag Winner announced :)

First thing on my list today was to draw the winner of the crocheted Tarot bag. It’s all very exciting when you add ritual, hat, paper, pen, scissors and a good measure of pomp and ceremony to the occasion (which I cannot help but doing)…

tarot bag winning drawFavourite and most lucky hat

So, starting with the Hat – this is a great hat, a lucky hat – my friend ‘Sam the Hat man’ made it especially; it has done its best to tame my curls on many occasions – most successfully (I think), as the ‘Mad Hatter’ ;) – It was the perfect choice for the draw …

Next, I put all the lovely subscriber names inside the hat – neatly folded and very much jumbled around… No peeking, no cheating (I take draws very seriously) :) I closed my eyes… gave the hat an extra little jiggle… reached in… and picked out the winning name… (drum-roll)…

drawing the winnerWinner about to be drawn…

Congratulations goes to the winner – Marirowana, who will be receiving this crocheted bag and the Nine Lives Tarot guide book:

hand made tarot bag give away

Thank You

I would like to have drawn more winners today, as every single subscriber – both new and ‘old’ make it that much more exciting to write on this blog, and so I want to say Thank you to all of you :) I’d also like to say thank you to those of you who pop in and read from time to time, or who just happened on this rambling corner of mine :)

I promise there are more exciting things on the horizon. November has just begun, and being the 1 year anniversary of Nine Lives Tarot, I have some special treats lined up :)

Stay well and happy!

Annette :)


4 thoughts on “Tarot Bag Winner announced :)”

  1. Hi Annette,

    I’m hopping in here to thank you once again, I’m so happy with your kind gift! I always enjoy your blogs, like little treats in my e-mail, and now I can look forward to something great in my physical mailbox ;) How exciting, a package from the other side of the world! <3

    And… you really used a hat! It's such a beautiful, personal hat, I love it.

    Best wishes and lots of love,

    Rowana (The Netherlands)

    • Oh it’s a pleasure, truly – and so much fun for me too – especially the hat part :) I hope you enjoy the bag when it arrives, and glad to have you pop in here any day! :) x

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