When the Future Veil Blows aside

There are times when a flash of the future crashes through the veil unannounced, often prompting an immediate response – you might describe this sort of thing as intuition or instinct, as it comes from ‘out of the blue’ without being sought …

Have you ever had that urgent sense, where you absolutely know that something that is about to happen? Not a prediction: This this ‘may’ happen, or this ‘could’ happen, if you do such and such… Nor long-term predictions along the lines of: You will meet Mr Right, you will live in a house with a garden and you will have 3 children, one will be a red head… No, I’m talking about that immediate ‘blast’ of knowledge, or ‘gut’ feeling; of what you must do – right now

While I don’t use Tarot for predicting the future, I absolutely and immediately trust these blasts of ‘intuition’, and in hind-sight I often marvel at the cosmic express delivery service :) It doesn’t happen every day, not even every month… but when I get that sense of ‘Do this NOW’ I listen …

A few Examples

I was driving home from work one morning (night shift), the highway ahead was practically deserted – and the sun was slowly thinking about rising. On both sides of the road there was dense forest, framed by high fences to keep moose from meandering onto the road. Cruising along at the 110km/hr speed limit; suddenly, a flash in my mind screamed Moose! and Brake! (really hard), and I did…  As I crawled around the upcoming bend, the scene was carnage: A large moose was down on the side of the road I was travelling – an oncoming car had collided head-on with the animal and the accident was blocking all 4 lanes. If I hadn’t slammed on the brakes when the warning flashed through my mind, there would have been no way to avoid a collision, adding to an already tragic accident…

Road warning illustration aa

Girls’ Night Out

A friend and I were planning a night out on the town, and had arranged to meet outside a venue at a set time… On the night, I was excited and ready to go, when all of a sudden I just knew that we wouldn’t be painting the town that night, and that I should go around to her place straight away. I didn’t have a phone at my house (and this was pre mobile phones), so I cycled around to her flat. When I knocked on the door, I heard a feint murmur – so I waited… When she didn’t come to the door, I tried the handle (unlocked)  and so I went inside, to discover that she had fallen off a chair (changing a light bulb), banged her head and broken her arm! Luckily she had a phone so I could call the hospital for help… Postponing our night out quickly paled in comparison to her broken arm, though we did have quite a few laughs while waiting for plaster in emergency – and I got to be hair-washing-assistant for the next few weeks :)

A Ghastly Story

In the vein of Halloween or All Hallows Eve, I thought I’d end with a slightly scary story… This one is not so much about the need to react to an imminent event, as it is about an event in the past crashing through with the same amount of urgency…

So, on this beautiful Summer afternoon I was wandering through a forest. I had been in the area before, but not along this particular path. The birds were singing and it was still light, so when I came to a fork in the path I decided to follow the one to the left, which meandered deeper into the trees. I kept walking for a while, without a care in the world, when a little further along the path, I could see a clearing up ahead. I thought this might be a good place to do some drawings if there was a nice place to sit… As I walked into the clearing – everything about the nice happy walk in a lovely forest changed. Fear and absolute Panic descended on top of me without any warning… Everything – including the trees seemed to be screaming Danger! I turned and ran, as if I were being hunted – I didn’t look back, I couldn’t, I was too busy getting away from whatever horror lurked in that strange and terrifying place. Back in safety, I was rattled and confused… Was there something out there, or was I going mad? With a little help from a map and the library, I discovered that a young woman had been stabbed to death on that very spot close to 150 years ago… A horrific event, which had left an indelible memory at the place where it happened.

Around the Camp Fire…

Do you have an experience you would like to share? Would you describe these experiences as intuition or something else? I am ever so curious to hear :)

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Have a safe and happy weekend in whichever way you choose to celebrate

Annette :)

2 thoughts on “When the Future Veil Blows aside”

  1. I agree with you about acting about acting completely on the basis of some intuitive feeling while not really understanding why one should be acting in such a manner. I have spent a couple of days trying to put my finger on specific incidents, but, although I know that they exist, I have not been able to ‘bring them forth’. On the other hand, I know that I often end up going into shops (or other places), not really knowing why, but then suddenly remembering those stamps, or that present or that reel of white cotton that I really need to buy. On those occasions when I ignore this intuitive nudge, I usually get home regretting that I forgot the cotton or the stamps or even the present. When it comes to the part intuition plays in warning us of danger, I think it is a very good sign that our ‘awareness’ or our connection with the universe is much broader (and probably much more complicated) than we are normally prepared to admit.

    Great post, and I loved the moose hiding behind the trees…

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I do think intuition works on so many different levels… at times it’s the ‘nudge’ and at other times it’s the loud bang – main thing is that we listen to it :) And yes, I felt happier drawing ‘safe’ moose :)

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