Painting The Empress for Aeclectic Tarot

The deadline for the 5th Collaborative Aeclectic Tarot deck has been extended to the 1st of April… Time ran away (as it does), and got the better of some of the artists who signed up in the beginning. This left a number of cards without an artist to portray their meaning. I can’t say that I have a lot of time on my hands, though being inspired is often all that is needed to make time :)

Revisiting The Empress

The Empress was sittinartwork by Annette Abolinsg there waiting for someone to put their hand up and I couldn’t help myself. She is, after all, my birth card (3) – so I felt I simply couldn’t let her pass…

In Nine Lives Tarot, I explored her earth-motherly, nourishing, caring and protective nature – portrayed with the young children she dearly loves…

Her focus is on the children, while nature mimics her sense of beauty and fulfilment.

Artwork in progress

The preview image below shows a detailed section of the still in progress artwork… Final version coming soon… and hopefully before the dead line :)
Tarot artwork by Annette Abolins
I signed up to the artwork for The Empress, inspired by her strong, feminine nature, while looking at her from a slightly different angle … She is mother, daughter, beauty in nature and focused outward … She is at one with her surroundings and openly welcomes what comes her way. I am still very much fumbling for words to describe her, though jotting these thoughts down may help me find them once the artwork is finished :)

Thank you for visiting and take care
Annette :)

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  1. Beautiful work. As you may have noticed, I commented on the Empress on your other blog, but she is worth commenting on twice. It is lovely to think that she is your birth card.

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