Review on Aeclectic Tarot: Nine Lives Tarot

In this post I would like to share the first official review of Nine Lives Tarot on Aeclectic Tarot:

link to review written by Hemera Read the review on Aeclectic Tarot

About the Review

Discovering a review can be daunting, humbling and exciting; all at the same time … When someone takes the time to write or talk about your work – art, writing, music, performance, food – anything you have put time, heart and soul into creating … you pause :)

After reading Hemera’s review on Aeclectic, I am struck by how many of her descriptions closely follow my intention and inspiration behind the artwork. She sees some things differently to me, and so she should – though I feel she captures in words much of what I wanted to say with the artwork, especially the strong female aspect and the characters being archetypes (rather than specific people).

Hemera brings her experience as a Tarot scholar and moderator (on the Tarot forum), she gives a detailed look at the cards, the symbolism and the artwork, along with her interpretation and personal view of the deck. Everyone sees and interprets the world differently – though, there are times when words written by another can further describe a thought or visual intention, I feel Hemera has done this, along with food for thought and inspiration for my next deck, which feels very special :)

Visit the link above – or click this one: Aeclectic Tarot Review – Nine Lives Tarot – to read the full review.

Painting and Drawing Tarot Artwork …

Right now I am busy finishing The Empress for the AT Collaborative Deck… and somehow I managed to sign up to do the 2 of Wands as well – no rest for the wicked and my little black cat nods in agreement as he yawns, purrs and goes back to his very important job of snoozing while I paint and draw :)

line drawing of Tarot cardFirst stage – line drawing of 2 of Wands

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3 thoughts on “Review on Aeclectic Tarot: Nine Lives Tarot”

  1. That was so exciting about the review, and I am so pleased for you. I was, however, unable to read the review as I got a 404 message – perhaps there is something wrong with the link? I am interested to see how the Two of Wands develops; it is looking particularly interesting at the moment.

  2. I have now accessed the link; that was a wonderful review. It is always a pleasure to read a well-thought-through review (of anything). There was much that Hemera wrote with which I could agree; it was a lovely description of the deck even if, at times, it was from a slightly different perspective. Many thanks to both of you.

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