Nine Lives Art Site Move

Nine Lives Art logoMoving boxes are all taped and loaded on the truck. The drivers have put their clever heads together and come up with the quickest (and safest) route to our new home: where things are already busy taking shape. Naturally, you are cordially invited to visit the new domain, where I hope you will enjoy the changes. The link above is already live and most things are up and running in our new home, though some changes and tweaks are still taking place (trucks driving across the web-o-sphere, interior designers hanging curtains, site-elves bringing out cheese platters…). 

The move was prompted by two main factors: On one hand, the number of projects added since the launch in 2013, prompted a unifying ‘bringing all under a happy umbrella’ (opposed to: squatting on the first-born’s turf) – AND on the other hand, the site itself was in dire need of TLC (more space, better performance and all that technical stuff). These two factors coincided around the upcoming date to renew my hosting plan for this site and discovering that ninelivesart (domain name) was available …

Having secured the new domain name and a more powerful hosting plan, the migration road map was made a lot smoother by the fact that both sites are hosted with the same company. Once the initial cloning of sites was completed, I could focus on site design and a logo that would bring my Nine Lives creations together visually. I hope you approve of the result :)

What happens now?

When the final steps are completed, I will switch things over so that ninelivestarot will simply redirect to the new site. This means that if you attempt to visit the old site, you will arrive on the new site automatically. Subscribers will receive an email notifying when migration is complete, which is a good time to update any links or bookmarks you may have saved ;).

Plans for the new site…

Some of the plans currently taking shape include:

  • Colouring-in projects (downloadable)
  • Custom request for art pendants
  • On demand t-shirt orders (printed by a local business, who do fabulous quality work)

Nine Lives Art - site move and launch collage image

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will enjoy the next phase of the journey!

Annette :)



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