Art Pendants and Special Offers in Store

With COVID-19 lockdowns and ongoing global uncertainty, my hope is that you are keeping safe and well and that we all move towards brighter times very soon!

Creative-imagination-escapism’ has always been my go-to strategy for coping and maintaining some form of sanity. In March this year I embarked on a new creative project, which I am super excited to share with you in this update.

Introducing Art Pendants

Inspired by my love of treasures and creating art which can be kept close and bring meaning and joy, no matter what the future holds…  Creating pendants, which incorporate my art in a most wearable way has been an exciting journey. Individually handcrafted through each stage from drawing, painting, printing, enamel painting (over the art print on some of the larger 40mm pendants), varnishing, sealing and trimming. The artwork is sealed under a high quality magnifying glass dome (cabochon), which really brings out the detail and colour. The finished pendant is set in a metal backing and strung with pendant cord.

Introducing art pendants by Abolina Art
Art pendants by Abolina Art, featuring new artworks alongside pieces incorporating detail from paintings and card illustrations.

Currently, I have 2 sizes available in the store: 25mm  and 40mm. Archetypes from Nine Lives Tarot are portrayed on a selection of the smaller size pendants. Detail from some of my recent paintings are also featured in this new collection of pendants, along with Ace of Spades and the blue card back design from Vizaĝo Playing Cards. The larger pendants feature new artwork, created especially for this project, including Sun and Moon Goddesses and a colourful Tree of Life. With prices ranging from $15 to $25 (AUD), they make a fabulous gift or an opportunity to treat yourself! View selected pendants by clicking on the images below, or you can view the whole range:

View Art Pendants

Queen of Swords art pendant displayed with tarot artwork Chariot pendant displayed with tarot artwork Returning art pendant displayed with artwork reference Spiral art pendant displayed with artwork reference VIZAĜO Ace of spades pendant displayed with playing card artwork reference Tree of Life 'Summer' pendant

Art pendants in the making, enamel paint, glass dome cabochons, paint brushes, WIP and cat
Art pendants in the making: Enamel paints glass dome cabochons, paint brushes and a curious cat…

Store Specials

Given the shipping delays and restrictions we’re currently wading through, I wanted to lighten things up a little with a few  specials in the store:

Playing Cards on special until the end of July

Visit the store for a discount when you buy
Nine Lives Playing cards (bridge or poker edition)

Red deck - Lumina - in cello wrapVIZAĜO Coupon Offer:

Use LUMILUMO to receive $5 discount /deck
(maximum 2 decks)

Stoneware Pendants Winter Sale

handcrafted jewellery made from stoneware clay
All Stoneware pendants are on sale until the end of August!
Perfect little gifts with bright colours and positive symbol meanings.

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