VIZAĜO Playing Cards (red)

$19.00 AUD

Lumina – the Red deck

  • Custom illustrated playing cards by Annette Abolins
  • Artwork depicting faces on every card
  • Poker size
  • Printed by Legends Playing Card Co. on Classic finish
  • Semi-matte tuck box with interior printing
  • 1st and limited edition of 1200 decks (Lumina)
  • Deck(s) can be signed if requested

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VIZAĜO Playing Cards

VIZAĜO [Vi-za-joh] – means Face in Esperanto, a language inspired by a desire to connect and bring people together. Every card depicts faces and through colour and detail, the decks are meant to celebrate the joy of cards, whether treasured for play or to put on display  :)

Inspired by my range of whimsical teapots and bowls, bold lines and segmented colour defines the character and personality of each face. I spent almost a year on the artwork for this deck, from detailed line drawings in ink, through to the completed artwork in colour. Printing became possible thanks to the 209 amazing backers on Kickstarter in July 2017, who helped raise funds to print with the outstanding Legends Playing Card Co. A total of 2400 decks came off the printing presses in December 2017 (1200 in each colour). Most of the printed decks were allocated ‘homes’ during the campaign, though I am glad to have a small number of decks available for sale in my store.

The Artwork

VIZAGO Kings Queens and Jacks

Influenced by wood-cut techniques, the artwork is bold and vibrant with detailed Kings, Queens & Jacks. The four Ace cards create a visual bridge between court and number cards; transitioning from detailed royal characters to stylised faces depicted on the number cards. I adapted the traditional pips (heart, spade, diamond and club), giving colour and original detail to VIZAĜO’s number cards, where even the direction of the faces contains subtle meaning:

custom pips and ace cards depicting faces by Abolina Art

  • Spades look forward – towards sight & wisdom
  • Diamonds look back – overseeing home & stability
  • Clubs look forward – initiating innovation & action
  • Hearts look back – harbouring love & emotional connection.

Two Colour Versions

Lumina (red) and Lumino (blue) are a name-play on light and dark. Both decks have identical card faces, giving card backs and tuck boxes their moment to shine…

Note: If you would like your deck to be signed, please make sure to let me know in the order notes where you want the signature (on the outside of the cello-wrap, on the tuck box, front or back, or inside the flap…).Playing Cards by Abolina Art

Red and Blue Joker by Abolina Art

Additional information

Weight120 g
Dimensions9 × 6 × 1.8 cm