Heartbleed and Tarot

The Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug
If you follow the news or browse the internet, you have probably heard about Heartbleed – a serious bug, which allows personal information and secure data to leak (or bleed)  to 3rd parties without leaving a trace. The vulnerability is serious; what makes it worse is that it has been lurking undetected for 2 years (like a deceitful lover), resulting in a very large portion of internet users being affected.

It is a frightening thought in a time when many of us rely on the internet for socialising, work, education, business and love …  engaging in communications built on the belief and trust that our personal details will be kept safe. What happens when we discover that we are vulnerable and maybe even hurt …?
You can visit: heartbleed.com to find out more.

The 3 of Swords

3 of Swords - Nine Lives Tarot - Annette Abolins
Over the past few months I have used ‘Today’s Card’ as a way of introducing cards from my Nine Lives Tarot deck. I enjoy relying on random and serendipitous interventions from the universe to find a card to talk about on this blog. Today, however, I chose a card deliberately … The 3 of Swords –  a card feared by many, firmly placed in the top ten of undesirable cards to get in a reading; for who wants to feel the ache of a broken heart or hear tidings of pain, deceit and loss?

While I agree that some cards have a more serious message than others, I don’t tend to place the Tarot cards in boxes labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Within a reading, the card or cards in front of us can provide something unique for us to reflect on; a kaleidoscopic look at the ups and downs of life.  The 3 of Swords may help illustrate the vulnerability experienced by many as a result of the Heartbleed bug; this slightly more objective view may also help decipher some of the meanings behind this emotionally charged card.

To experience and fully appreciate the highs, we sometimes have to experience the lows … Going down is painful, yet with the pain comes recognition of our true desires, often bringing a new sense of clarity, which can at times help us refocus. I find comfort in the saying:
… I feel, and I’m still alive”
(this is a mishearing of mine – from a line in the song ‘Alive’ by Pearl Jam: “… Hey, I, I, I, I’m still alive… ”  A minor substitution included the word ‘feel’ – it fitted, felt right & true and my brain refuses to change it ;)  ).

Perhaps The 3 of Swords can teach us something about protecting ourselves while at the same time recognising that what really matters is worth aching for. True, it may not seem that way when deep in the pains of a broken relationship, when lost love or our seemingly perfect world comes tumbling down. Yet, with time comes insight and new strength, allowing us to once again build trust and love with another, and maybe, just maybe … we will be a little more prepared next time?

Traditional Keywords for 3 of Swords

  • Separation
  • Rejection
  • Self-Examination
  • Choice
  • Truth
  • Heartache
  • Loss

The meaning I wrote for this card says:

I am the III of Swords – while I represent loneliness, rejection and heartache; I am also here to remind you to look to the heart of the matter. At times heartache comes from the truths we hold back from ourselves, and I stand by your side as the pain becomes a vehicle for
re-discovering your centre; and moving forward with awareness.

A life lived is a life felt – if you are going to take something good away from a hurtful experience, it may be an encouragement award to your intuition … Next time: “Listen to those warning bells” If you are going to continue sharing and communicating via the internet, you may want to think about changing passwords (regularly) and doing what you can to protect that which matters to you. :)

2 thoughts on “Heartbleed and Tarot”

  1. Loved the way you connected what is happening around us to the card (or, was it the other way around?). I think that you put your finger right on the important word – vulnerability. After all, when it comes to the overwhelming scope of the internet with all its puzzling layers and off-shoots, we are extremely vulnerable. Thanks for a great post and some very sensible advice.

    • Thank you for your comments Diane, and for stopping by again :) There are indeed many layers to vulnerability – finding a balance between exposing, sharing and keeping safe is, I believe, somewhere close to the key of this challenge … Hopefully we learn something each time we stumble or climb :)

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