Visiting the Page of Swords

Introducing the next Pen & Ink Drawing … Having followed the Raven (our guide) on a journey to the North, we are met by
The Page of Swords:

Page of Swords - Pen & Ink by Annette AbolinsPage of Swords Ink Drawing – Annette Abolins

Some believe she is the Princess of the realm, while others  think she may be a ‘he’: a prince or a squire at the castle. Looking past the finer details, many agree The Page of Swords is perceptive and wise beyond her years.

Driven by curiosity,  fairness and justice; The Page of Swords seeks out the Truth, not to judge, but because the truth really matters.  The Page of Swords has high ideals, which she aims to uphold, and expects to see in those around her as well.  She wanders the rocky landscape of the North, delivering messages and communicating ideas across mountains and snowy planes in the lands of always winter…  The stark cold air keeps her mind clear, as the surroundings shape her journey through the realm of the mind.

When you meet her, take time to listen to what she has to say: don’t be fooled by her youth … The Page of Sword’s wisdom and insight may surprise you as she delivers food for thought and mind…


4 thoughts on “Visiting the Page of Swords”

  1. This is an amazing drawing! My favourite part is most probably the sign with curiosity do some more drawings pls :)

  2. What a fascinating character! Even though the word ‘page’ conjures up the feeling of ‘he’, I’m sure it is a ‘she’.

    • It’s interesting how a name or a word can conjure up a picture of ‘he’ vs ‘she’ in our minds. I made a phone call only yesterday to a person I believed to be a woman, & was truly surprised by the male voice at the other end of the line :)

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