10 of Swords completed for AT Collaborative Deck

After taking a break from the 10 of Swords, I returned to the artwork last week to work on the details and finishing touches …

While I don’t believe the meaning of this card is negative, it explores and expresses difficult emotions, which are hard to ignore as an artist. Having a break gave me the fresh eyes I needed before diving back in to complete the artwork:

10 of Swords – 5th Aeclectic Tarot Collaborative Deck

10 of Swords Tarot artwork10 of Swords – Annette Abolins (aka Frejasphere) – Pen & ink drawing, digital painting

Card & Artwork Description

Pain and despair haunt me as I lay washed up on a desolate beach.
My journey through the realm of the mind has brought wisdom, clarity and insight – yet, I am pinned down by the weight of challenges I met along the way. My body is drained of strength and resolve and my downcast eyes cannot see the way forward.

My guides, Raven and Cat, sit with me – they know that light follows dark and they remind me of how far I have come. I lift my eyes to see the rising sun, and encouraged by my fellow travellers, I feel my sense of defeat moving towards acceptance and understanding.

10 of Swords - Annette Abolins10 of Swords (detail) – Seagull and swords

10 of Swords - Annette Abolins10 of Swords (detail) – Sunrise

10 of Swords - Annette Abolins10 of Swords (detail) – The Raven

10 of Swords - Annette Abolins10 of Swords (detail) Protagonist and Cat

You can follow the progress of this collaborative Tarot deck on the Aeclectic Forum (in the deck creation section), where the deck will be hosted once complete :)

Thank you for visiting and take care
Annette :)

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  1. I do hope that Filemon’s nose was not put out of joint.
    Loved your explanation of the card; it all made so much sense. Also, as always, loved your drawings.

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