Zodiac Pentagram Pendant

$14.50 AUD$25.00 AUD

This handcrafted art pendant features the twelve star signs of the zodiac. Wear with matching colours or make the pendant ‘pop’ with contrasting black.

Choose from 25mm or 40mm in purple or blue hues. Each style is strung on cord ready to wear.




Pendant featuring the twelve zodiac star signs orbiting a pentagram symbol, which represents the five astrological directions associated with Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn. Textured hues in blue or purple create depth and a backdrop for the symbol line-art to stand out. The larger (40mm) pendants feature hand-painted detail in silver enamel over the artwork, adding original texture and reflective elements.

Note: Each piece is individually handcrafted and there may be slight differences compared to the photos displayed here.

Caring for your Pendant

  • Remove before shower or swim to avoid disappointment
  • Use a soft cloth to polish the cabochon glass and backing when needed
  • Wear with pride and joy.

Additional information


25mm, 40mm


Blue, Purple