Green Vegvisir Pendant

$14.50 AUD$22.00 AUD

Whether you are a seafarer or armchair traveller; this positive symbol of direction and guidance is hand-crafted with care to be a delight to wear.

Choose from 25mm or 40mm. Both styles are strung on cord ready to wear.




Vegvisir is old Norse meaning ‘wayfinder’, a symbol said to have protected Viking seafarers from losing their way on the high seas. When creating the artwork, I incorporated a giant sea serpent, which wraps around the compass symbol (encircling the world). 

Note: Each piece is individually handcrafted and there may be slight differences compared to the photos displayed here.

My jewellery pieces are handcrafted through a labyrinth of steps and stages where colour and imagination come together to make wearable art. The artwork is sealed under a glass cabochon, which magnifies detail, reflects light and makes the colours shine. Completed with a bezel back and strung on cord to be worn and enjoyed!

Caring for your Pendant

  • Remove before shower or swim to avoid disappointment
  • Use a soft cloth to polish the cabochon glass and backing when needed
  • Wear with pride and joy.

Additional information

Size & Style

25mm – silver coloured bezel, 25mm on black bezel, 40mm – silver coloured bezel