Post Recaps & a new Furry Family member

The last few weeks have rushed past in a flurry of activity with heaps of work to finish, exciting events to attend, and a zillion things to organise… Also, the current December Discount on Tarot Decks has kept me busy in a fun way; with plenty of wrapping, packaging and sending to exciting places around the world :)

This weekend feels a bit like the island of calm before the festive season begins in earnest. So, while taking a moment to reflect, I thought this post could recap some of the topics covered throughout the year: short introductions and quick links for some holiday reading :)

But first…  I simply must introduce you to our delightfully adorable new family member:

FilemonMeet Filemon the brave & irresistible

Sometimes there is that sense of things falling into place – like when this little rescue kitten chose to come and live with us a week ago. From the minute he arrived he has been at home and delightfully involved in everything happening around him. All cats are lovely, but this little fellow has loveliness in abundance: He is inquisitive and very playful, wise, gorgeous, loves cuddles and is so at home, you’d think he’s been living with us forever!

I have missed having a cat to pamper since our 17 year-old dame passed away a few years ago – having a furry friend in the family again is an absolute treasure :)

I also think it’s really cute that he resembles the Nine Lives Tarot favicon or perhaps more accurately – that the icon resembles Filemon …

Post Recap 2014 – selected topics from the year

The introductions and links below take you on a little journey through what has been happening on this blog throughout the year. Whenever a year draws to a close, I find it can be a nice time to reflect, to look back and find time for holiday reading, topics of interest, rediscovery … anything you like :)

Tips on learning to read Tarot Cards

The Tarot readerYou find yourself with a deck of Tarot cards, wondering where to start – 78 cards are looking back at you from the pile, waiting, watching … How will you read them?

The Olympics, Time Lords & Tarot

Time Lord Doctor WhoI have said before that I don’t tend to use the Tarot to predict events in the future… In this post I am using the Olympics and Time Lords to illustrate the importance of living in the present …

The Raven and the Writing Desk

Why is a raven like a writing desk?I am a fan of Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland and wish I could spend more of my time his stupendously concocted world of wonder; for I believe that life itself can become easier to understand, when one is surrounded by complete and utter silly madness …

Are Tarot Cards always Right?

3 card reading Nine Lives TarotHave you ever wondered if the cards in a Tarot reading really do now it all? Are the cards always right? Do they provide a ‘set in stone’ answer to whatever the question may be?

YouTube Review of Nine Lives Tarot

Reading Nine Lives Tarot cardsIn this video Avalon talks about her personal connection with Nine Lives Tarot, the energy and her interpretation of the deck as a whole. She calls it her happiest deck, which feels truly special …

Nine Months & Nine Lives Tarot

Nine Lives TarotNine months is a milestone that should not go unnoticed for a Tarot deck like Nine Lives Tarot :) So, to mark this exciting occasion (which only just occurred), this post will look back briefly on the process before and after publication at the end of 2013 …

Playing Cards – Clubs and Hearts

House of Hearts - Royals - Annette AbolinsThe Court characters are keeping me busy with my latest project to create a set of playing cards inspired by Nine Lives Tarot. While re-painting them (standing on their heads amongst other things), I have also been learning new things about the history of cards – a truly fascinating journey, which you can read more about in this post …

Major Arcana Cards in Readings

pluto_planetSome say that if you have more than one Major Arcana card in a reading, it is significant – because it is telling you that something big is in the works – life changing … But, what if this happens a lot? Does it mean that your life is constantly in ‘life-changing’ mode? Or does it mean something else?

Today’s Card 7 of Swords

7 of Swords Nine Lives TarotI like the 7 of Swords… to be honest I like all the Sword cards… I admire their honesty, ability to seek out the truth and soar above the clouds … maybe my admiration stems from often having my head stuck in the clouds :)

10 of Swords update – Aeclectic Tarot Collaborative deck

10_swords_AT-collaborate-deck_annette-abolins_wip3This is an update on the artwork I am doing for the fifth Aeclectic Tarot Collaborative Deck: 10 of Swords is a journey to explore, even more so to paint and draw …

Where to from here?

I am currently busy working on a visual introduction to the different aspects of Nine Lives Tarot; a journey in pictures – as soon as it is finished, I will feature this long image in a post :)

The deck of Playing Cards inspired by Nine Lives Tarot is on my list of exciting projects to finish; I plan to complete the artwork early in the New Year, which means that the decks will be available in the not too distant future :)

I hope you all have exciting plans for the end of the year and the New Year just around the corner!

Thank you for visiting and stay safe and well…

Annette :)


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  1. Filemon IS a beautiful cat, and I am sure that he is very proud being featured on your blog. Thank you so much for the ‘Recap’ – it was so nice to be reminded of some of your very lovely (and interesting) posts. On the Nine Lives Tarot scene, 2015 sounds as though it is going to be a year filled with new and wonderful things – I am really looking forward to see how it all unfolds.

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