Major Arcana Cards in Readings

Some say that if you have more than one Major Arcana card in a reading, it is significant – because it is telling you that something big is in the works – life changing… But, what if this happens a lot? Does it mean that your life is constantly in ‘life-changing’ mode? Or does it mean something else?

Ever since I first came in contact with Tarot, every reading I can remember – there has always been at least one, often more, sometimes all Major cards present. No matter how long I shuffle, how many or how few cards are used for the reading, the Majors always find a way to pop in and say hello…

But, What does it mean when there are many Majors in a reading?

  • Do Major Arcana cards talk about big life-changing events – every time?
  • Do many Majors in a reading happen because I need to be yelled at (cards talking big, rather than small), so I get the point so to speak…?

My First ever Tarot Reading

We sat in a circle with the cards spread out on the floor in the middle; the deck was the Round original Black and White version of Daughters of the Moon… and The Reading was a way to round off an emotionally exhausting weekend, spent in the company of around 10 women who were experiencing Pluto in Transit…

The 2 cards were to shed light on: What had surfaced over the weekend – and How we may deal with it… I drew two Major cards: The Tower and The Hermit… As this was my first ever Tarot reading, I knew next to nothing about the symbolism or history of Tarot. To be honest, I didn’t know much about transiting Pluto either; other than that my chart confirmed me to be in the midst of one, and that it could be a tumultuous experience (which it was) … Joining the ‘transit’ weekend seemed like a good idea at the time, especially as one of my lovely house friends was there to guide us through the planetary and emotional maze.


The strikingly beautiful pictures in the Tarot cards allowed my mind to wander to a place where images, not words, could shed new light on the situation. I was curious and fascinated, and soon developed an affinity with the Tarot, which has deepened over the years, to become a sort of ‘go to friend’ for advice and insight on what’s happening in the subconscious mind :)

In this reading, the 2 majors did signify a big and life-changing event: A week later, I was on a train heading to an unknown future with all my belongings in an old suit case and a black plastic garbage bag… The cards didn’t make me pack up and leave, but looking back, they helped shed light on that a big change was necessary …

I have since searched for images of the Tower and the Hermit maybe she was called the Wanderer? … but no luck so far  (the reading was a long time ago)… If you happen to stumble on them floating around the web, I’d really like to see them again :). Below is an example from this gorgeous deck by Ffiona Morgan:

Daughters of The Moon – The Wise One – Ffiona Morgan

Do you remember your first reading?

First impressions can be special…  Did your first reading shape how you feel about Tarot? Did the cards make sense? Did you receive advice that rang true or felt completely wrong? Do you remember the deck, or the pictures? If you would like to share your experience in the comments below – please do :)

Looking at the Cards …

Whether you have many, few or no Majors in a reading, you can gain a lot of insight from looking at the cards and their positions; thinking about the question and keeping an open mind … Don’t place too much significance on ‘this card means such and such’. Instead, try to see how the cards relate to each other and to the situation. At times it really helps to just ‘go with the flow’ and see what pops into your mind.

  • Sometimes more Majors in a reading do point to bigger events and changes …
  • Sometimes Major Arcana cards can shed light on where we are at on the Fool’s Journey
  • Other times, Majors show up to remind us about our focus, priorities, strengths & weaknesses, personality traits and other ‘aha’ things :) …

The cards do not shape our future, nor do they set in stone a particular scenario. I look on them as a tool to see things from a different (deeper) perspective; where our ability to interpret relies on an ‘open’ mind :) So, all Majors in a reading could simply be that those cards were perfect to talk about what is underlying at the moment. Each and every card can be equally important in jogging our mind to offer insights we hadn’t thought of… You can read more about how I interpret the cards in this post.

Seeing more Minors, or more cards from one Suit in a reading, can work in the same way. Listen to your intuition and try to not ‘over-think’ the cards … if a reading points to big changes, you will probably have sensed this already :)

A Personal Reading …

I did a 4 card reading this morning – where the cards were all from the Major Arcana:

Nine Lives Tarot - 4-card-reading

  • Justice (what is in focus)
  • The Lovers (what I need)
  • The Empress (what my strengths are)
  • The High Priestess (what takes me forward)

To me, this reading was not about huge changes, but more about bringing back focus to the things that matter and give me strength. After an intense period of work, I needed to hear or see this :)

How do you feel about Major cards?

Do they hold a special significance? Do you often see them in your readings? Do you have a story you would like to share? I’d love to hear from you :)

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Stay safe and well – and thanks for visiting!

Annette :)

2 thoughts on “Major Arcana Cards in Readings”

  1. Once again, a lovely post. I really cannot remember my first Reading, so perhaps it did not make much of an impression. I agree with you completely about the cards being tools and that they, in themselves, do not create anyone’s future. This is exactly the same with Numerology – the numbers show a direction, or, as you intimated regarding the cards, they give us gentle nudges to think in certain directions and to be aware as to what might be going on in our lives at any particular moment. Sometimes we are ‘asleep’ as to what is happening around us, and it is then that a Tarot Reading (or any other kind of Reading) can propel us to take action (as with yourself). We must always remember that we are responsible for our own choices and our own lives; an acceptance of this fact allows us to relate on a much deeper level with a Tarot Reading and, for that matter, with any Reading.

    • I agree that readings can give us insight about the direction or or path we are on; they do not create our future, nor do readings remove any responsibility for our (future) actions and choices – I completely agree with you :). Thank you again for popping in :)

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