Are Tarot cards always right?

Have you ever wondered if the cards in a Tarot reading really do
know it all?

Are the cards always right? Do they provide a ‘set in stone’ answer to whatever the question may be?

Reading Nine Lives Tarot cardsOr… Does it fall back on the Tarot reader to read the cards accurately?

Or … Do the cards hold special powers that once laid out in front of a querent, will make that reading come true?

Instead of seeing the cards as right or wrong, I believe that cards show up for a reason, and each reading is about deciphering:
Why do I pick these cards right now in relation to ‘xyz’?
What can these cards help me see? 

Obviously there many different things that can be important at any given point in life and time, but right this minute, my subconscious is bringing this to the surface: and looking at the card meanings from a why, what & how perspective, can provide food for thought and even sound advice :)

To see why cards appear when they do (and what they are trying to tell you), it does help to keep an open mind.

Remember that the cards themselves hold no special powers, they won’t make things happen, they simply provide a visual link to your subconscious mind, which can enable you to decipher more clearly what is going on in your life.

Look and Listen

When a Tarot reading is less about ‘being right’ and more about looking and listening; the interpretation of the cards may even lead to a more accurate reading (because of your relaxed and open mind).

It takes time to learn to read your cards, to see the patterns and to connect with the messages they conjure up from your subconscious. The best way to become more comfortable, I believe, is to spend a lot of time with your cards; looking at them, getting to know each card, shuffling and laying them out … and yes, reading them :)

Do repeated readings provide a more accurate answer?

Okay, so you ask the cards a question and the answer seems confusing or not quite right (or perhaps not quite what you wanted to hear…), so you shuffle the cards and do a second reading, and maybe even a third, fourth and fifth … Will the cards relent at some point to give you an accurate reading, even if it takes all day?

3 card reading Nine Lives TarotNo… they won’t  is the short answer … :)

There are going to be readings we don’t get, don’t want to see, deliberately or subconsciously misread, or simply don’t like … that is the way with any advice given: sometimes we just don’t want to, or are not ready to hear it.

If you think about your cards as a friend offering advice (even though this advice is often your own ‘inner voice’, intuition or subconscious mind), there are times when you will gladly take the advice, but there will be times when you will struggle to listen, accept or understand.

Instead of  repeated readings, where you are hoping against hope for a clear and concise answer … you may want to take time out and quietly ponder what it was about the first reading that made you want to do another reading. For in that, may lie the clue to what your subconscious is milling over or trying to tell you.

Have you ever lost your car keys? You search high and low, looking everywhere to the point of upending the house without finding them … In frustration, you give up and borrow a friend’s car to get to work … Later when you get home, you discover the keys had been sitting right in front of your nose (so to speak)  the whole time!

Tarot cards can at times be like lost keys – the answer, advice or message is there, but it may require some time to see it.

Set in stone … or not?

Some may worry that a Tarot reading is set in stone (i.e. if the cards indicate that something will happen, or is important, then such events are destined to be).

Relax – the cards are simply a tool, which can help provide a ‘snapshot’ of what is going on at a particular point in time – in your subconscious mind (or the querent’s). Free will is still alive and well, and if a reading tells you that you may be heading in a direction you don’t like, you can choose to change, refocus and take on board the advice :)

2 thoughts on “Are Tarot cards always right?”

  1. A very intelligent description of a Tarot Reading. I agree with you completely that it all has to do with our subconscious pushing us in certain directions or, as you say, trying to give us advice. Whether we listen or not is completely up to us. In effect, we know the answers to most things, the cards are simply a method of making us recognize that we know – as you say, the cards themselves have no special powers – they are just tools that we can avail ourselves of to unlock our subconscious.

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