The Mystic Earth Shop stocks Nine Lives Tarot

Discovering The Mystic Earth Shop

Walk in through the doors of this gorgeous shop in the centre of Gosford, and literally feel time and worries slip away. The people in the shop are ever so friendly, and the place breathes calm and openness, despite the ongoing renovations, which instead, just seem to add to the welcoming feeling about the shop. Each time I visit, things are different, moved around… a sort of serendipitous hide and seek where treasures can always be found in new and exciting places. Crystal healing, stones, pendants and gorgeous jewellery, incense, books and more …

The Mystic Earth Shop in GosfordPhoto courtesy of: The Mystic Earth Shop, Gosford

First I met Vee, a Tarot reader with a beautiful and serene calmness … I showed her Nine Lives Tarot. After looking at all the cards, Vee said some lovely things about my deck, including that she would like to try reading with the cards, which felt quite special as she’s always been a ‘one deck’ reader … Then, as I visited again, I met more of the Mystic Earth family; Adrian who makes beautiful things from wood, Luna, a vibrant Tarot reader with an exciting tattoo, Bernie, who has spiritual conversations – and Carlos, the owner of The Mystic Earth Shop. We talked introductions, tarot, mystic, art and plans … and Carlos proposed to stock Nine Lives Tarot in his shop exclusively for the Central Coast – My deck has found a new home :)

The Mystic Earth Shop – the place to buy Nine Lives Tarot on the Central Coast

In time for Christmas shopping, or because its time to treat yourself, you can now buy Nine Lives Tarot from The Mystic Earth Shop in Gosford, where you are bound to discover a world of inspiration as you walk through the door … In addition to the many treasures on offer, if you spend $50 or more in the shop, you can take part in the Slam Dunk event hosted by Star 104.5 (radio station), and play for $250.000 – tune in, and put a visit to this shop on your list of nice things to do :)

Where to find The Mystic Earth Shop?

The shop is located in Gosford, on the corner of Donnison Street and Mortimer Lane – right next door to Kibble Park…

Online Orders – Christmas is just around the corner

Nine Lives Tarot
My carpet flying skills have sadly not progressed as much as I would have liked, and so in order to deliver your Christmas orders in time, the dates below should hopefully see your parcel arrive on time:

  • Overseas (outside Australia) – Order by latest 11th December
  • Within Australia – Order by latest 20th December

Thank you for visiting and take care!

Annette :)

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  1. That is so exciting; I will have to pop in one day. I get the feeling that it is a new business, so I hope that it all goes really well for them (and you).

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