Tarot Card Pictures and Blog Changes

Being a visual tool, I find the best way to appreciate and connect with a tarot deck is by looking at the cards. If something jumps out at you and says ‘pick me’, it’s likely you will have a connection deck. Sometimes images from a deck might ‘grow’ on you … and despite a perhaps ‘lukewarm’ feeling to start with, something keeps pulling you back – to the point of eventually saying ‘pick me’ :)  On this website (and blog) I want the visual experience to be as close as possible to holding cards from my different decks in your hand …

Here are some of the new preview images of the tarot cards – placed on a background showing the ‘card back’. 78 vibrant and colourful cards waiting to take you on a journey through Tarot symbolism and artistic inspiration, while exploring the story of your life.

Nine Lives Tarot – Card images

4 cards from Nine Lives Tarot - Chariot, VIII Cups, Fool & Empress
The Hierophant and Tower from Nine Lives Tarot


Circle of cards

Moving House in the Server sphere

Today, Nine Lives Tarot migrated to a new hosting server … a change of ownership in the hosting department meant that websites were loaded on to the virtual ferry and shipped to a new home. I didn’t need to ‘do’ anything, though I still held my breath as all the files moved across. … Luckily, it all went smoothly, and after a few hours ‘down time’  it’s nice to be back online again :)

Main blog page now has ‘Post previews’

In the past, the main page displayed the full content of the latest posts, this worked well for the newest post – as it was right there at the top of the page, but meant you needed to scroll to access previous posts … To try something different, and to hopefully make it easier to navigate the growing number of posts – I have changed things around on the main blog page: It now displays a short introduction – with a link to continue reading. To keep reading any article, you can click on the title, the link, or the preview image :)

Thank you for visiting and take care
Annette :)

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  1. I am so glad that the ferry arrived safely at its destination; it would have been a tragedy if it had sunk en route, or if it had been swept up on to a deserted island completely off the beaten track. It is always fun to try new things, and I am sure that this new way of looking at posts will work very well indeed. All the best with both your decks.

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