Today’s Card: The Moon

Today The Moon, was selected from Nine Lives Tarot

I do like the Moon (both the one in the sky and the Tarot card) … The Moon represents our shadow side, the subconscious aspect or our Self, yet despite the ‘darkness’ it encourages intuitive and creative ways of seeing and understanding ‘reality’, where it can be both revealing and comforting to at times dwell behind a veil of illusion…

The Moon

The Moon - Nine Lives Tarot by Annette Abolins

Instead of pretending that is only one way to perceive reality; the Moon shows us an alternate reality governed by illusions and mystery, where imagination can run wild and symbols may confuse. The moon is not necessarily trying to trick us, it is simply asking us to embrace our intuition, to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening below the surface. Intuition is a powerful thing, which when we allow it to, can help us decipher the underlying issues in a situation.

The Artwork

To me, The Moon is a guide to our intuitive side, it doesn’t shy away from darkness – instead it provides a comforting light through the night. I chose the cat to represent a being who has an intuitive and knowing connection with the moon (instead of the more traditional wolf or dog howling at the moon). Where at times life delves into madness, wild imagination and fearful dreams; our intuition can be there to guide us back on track. Sitting on a beach at night overlooking the dark and wild ocean with a black cat and a full moon for company truly can help put reality in a new perspective.

Traditional Keywords for The Moon

  • Reflection
  • Emotion
  • Illusion
  • Intuition
  • Dreams
  • Darkness
  • Subconscious
  • Hidden things
  • Mystery

Nine Lives Tarot – descriptive meaning for The Moon:

“I am the Moon – I represent your shadow persona, reflecting your dreams, memories, fears and anxieties. Sit with me on the path of deception and illusion when your imagination runs away. Listen to your intuition – and together we can interpret what is real and what is not.”

When The Moon appears in a reading it may be asking you to look at the underlying issues affecting you in the here and now. It encourages you to trust your intuition on your path to understanding and deciphering your subconscious mind.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Card: The Moon”

  1. My first ever tarot deck used to sit high up on a shelf in my room, it meant the world to me – and then I woke up one morning to find nothing but an empty shelf. It was gone! I know I should have used it, not kept it out of reach like that, but I felt it was too precious to handle… Things have changed, and now I handle my decks :) One thing I really like about your website is that you talk about Tarot and Life as if they are together everyday, so can I just thank you and make sure to keep up the fabulous posts.

  2. I loved your description of the moon. It is also interesting to look at its connection with the ocean (water) which is also tied up with emotions. This weaving together of all the things around us emphasizes not only the inter-connectedness of life but also of the importance of every single life form. When we can feel as one with everything around us, I would imagine that acting on our intuition would more or less be ‘second nature’.

    • Thank you for such thoughtful feedback :) I like the sound of inter-connectedness, it has a nice and inclusive ring to it, even more so when looking out over the ocean or up at the moon :)

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