Predictions vs out of our hands

How important is it to be able to predict what may or may not happen next in our lives?  Do you strive for control or do you happily let go and see what may come?

At times, it can be comforting to have a sense of control, a map of where things are heading in life – be that through predictions or actions that minimise any deviation from the initial path or plan. At other times, a prediction of what may happen in the future may cause havoc in the here and now along with a sense of being unable of preventing or changing the future.

In most cases, and especially when it comes to Tarot cards, I firmly believe that we DO have the ability to change our future. We have free will and we have the ability to grow as individuals on the amazing journey of life.

A Tarot reading can provide food for thought, a snapshot of what is happening now, what is underlying and what is bubbling around in the corners and crevasses of the subconscious. Often, a reading can evoke a sense of Aha! as the pieces of the jigsaw suddenly make sense.

Nine Lives Tarot - IV Swords - Annette Abolins

Recently,  I had the opportunity to experience a situation where what happened next was completely out of my hands. I was put to sleep by an anaesthetist :) Admittedly I didn’t have much (any) time to dwell on it once she had injected me, though the calm that I felt before the lights went out gave me real comfort that I was in good hands.

In general, I don’t mind stepping out of reality, it is one of my frequent ventures as an avid dreamer… Though I do admit I don’t really like white coats or clinical spaces, so environmentally this experience could have presented both stress and worry, though happily it didn’t :) To see something as ‘out of my hands’ does not necessarily have to be a bad thing, it can mean instead, that the situation at this moment in time is firmly ‘in the right hands’ …

How do we balance both Control and Letting Go in our lives?

I like to think that there is a balance between the intuitive messages we receive from our subconscious (giving us ‘heads up’ on what is really going on) and the full steam ahead without a glance to either side (including the intuitive side, which may or may not be jumping up and down telling us to STOP!).

This balance enables us to grow, to live life, to learn (hopefully) from our experiences, and to every now and then sit back and take stock of where we are at and where we want to go from here.

Sometimes, taking time-out from reality and allowing the outside world to move on, can allow us time to rejuvenate and reconnect with our intuitive side :)

2 thoughts on “Predictions vs out of our hands”

  1. Lovely post with many thought-provoking comments. I do feel (as you obviously do) that we are able to influence the future – after all, life is all about choices – however, at times, things can happen over which we have absolutely no control. One can, of course, argue that our choices up to that point may have placed us in a position where we are no longer able to avoid the catastrophe gathering on the horizon. We usually know, intuitively, what choices should be made, but an external aid, like, for example, a Tarot Reading, can often give a graphic face to what we already know and make it easier to make the ‘right’ choice. ‘Right’ can only ever be subjective, which, I feel, becomes even more apparent when one studies the ideas behind such Readings as the Tarot.

    • Thank you for such insightful feedback :) I do think that a visual tool like the Tarot can be a great aid in learning to trust and listen to our intuition more often … :)

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