Today’s Card: The Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords was adamant to be chosen for ‘Today’s Card’ – having recently spent extra time with him (in the shape of an ink drawing), I thought it was quite appropriate that he should be allowed to speak for action and embarking on new and most noble quests.

Knight of Swords

Nine Lives Tarot - Knight of Swords - Annette Abolins

Being one of the Court Cards he can at times be ambiguous to interpret as he shifts his position, taking on the varying roles of:

  • Someone close to you – offering advice
  • An aspect of yourself – an inner voice if you like
  • A reflection on the situation

Regardless which part he plays, The Knight of Swords can bring sound advice, encouraging steely determination and a fearless approach to the challenges we meet in life. As he belongs to the Royal family of the Swords, he has an affinity for seeing things clearly. Some may see him as callous and cold, though despite his somewhat forthright manner, he fights for Truth and flies the banner of noble cause.

In a reading he may be asking you to meet a challenge head on; face the facts and know that the Truth holds strength in itself – enough to provide the edge and the clarity to conquer. The Raven is there to symbolise clarity of thought and wisdom; the ability to see what lies beyond – outside the conformity of time and space.

I find this knight a welcome breath of fresh air whenever he charges into a reading with an impatient call to action :)

Traditional Keywords associated with The Knight of Swords:

  • Conquering
  • Headstrong
  • Communicative
  • Action

The Nine Lives Tarot descriptive meaning for this card says:

I am the Knight of Swords – I am powerful and bursting with life and energy, I speak to your ambitions, determination and sheer strength to succeed. I make my moves in a calculated manner, enjoying the heat of the moment in both battle and lust. While my personality is headstrong and righteous, my quest is noble, and while on my path I ask you to abandon fear and strike forth.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Card: The Knight of Swords”

  1. I feel that he has a lot going for him (if looks give any indication of personality and positive characteristics). Also I feel that that ‘inner voice’ or that well-timed advice can, at times, be extremely important; it can often be so easy to push ahead without seeing the whole picture. Very interesting post.

  2. Ok ever since 1995 when I got my first ever tarot deck I have been obsessed with this tool. I then stumbled upon your website so intrigued upon your take on tarot the pictures the stories it’s all so wonderful and colorful. You see I would never of had such the creativity to go and make my own tarot deck. Since I am also a cat lady the theme is awesome.
    Yours sincerely Pam

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