New Edition Guide Book

A Guide to Nine Lives Tarot cards

Nine Lives Tarot includes a guide with descriptive meanings for each card; an introduction to your deck, as you journey through the artwork, listening to what the characters have to say …

The first edition

I wrote the first edition of the Nine Lives Tarot guide while the artwork for the deck was being printed. The imagery, meanings and symbols could not have been more fresh in my mind, and where words at times fail me – the descriptions for the cards came easily…

It was as though a sub-conscious part of my mind already had the words, and simply handed them over as I worked my way through the deck. With each card still vivid in my mind; I could draw on the connections I had formed with the deck as a whole, while at the same time allowing the characters to use their own voices to express both meaning and personal advice.

The descriptive meanings follow the traditional RWS format, yet with a personal/artistic interpretation of each character and card.

Nine Lives Tarot 1st Guide book The ‘first edition’ guide to Nine Lives Tarot

This A4 fold-out guide (or what many would refer to as the LWB or little white booklet) has served well in the first 6 months of Nine Lives Tarot meeting the world, though I decided it was time for the guide to become just that little bit more ‘official’ :)

24 page Booklet

I am really excited to introduce you to the new edition guide book:

New Edition Nine Lives Tarot Guide New full colour A7 booklet to guide you through Nine Lives Tarot

The words and small preview images for each card have been given a proper home in the shape of a full-colour printed booklet! This new guide allows you to turn pages when searching or browsing meanings of the cards, which is a little more ‘user-friendly’ compared to flipping a folded piece of paper around :)

Who needs a guide book?

If you are new to Tarot, the descriptions may help you on your journey as you get to know your cards and form your idea of what the Tarot has to say to you… If you are well-versed in the meanings of each card, this booklet may simply provide an additional view to add to your collection of meanings and interpretations.

Either way, it is my hope that the guide will serve you well, in which ever way you choose :)

Nine Lives Tarot Guide booklet

The Nine Live Tarot guide features:

  • 24 page booklet – A7 size (pocket size)
  • Short introduction to Tarot & Nine Lives Tarot
  • Full colour thumbnail preview of each card in the deck
  • Short descriptive meaning for each card in the deck
  • Each suit is colour-coded for easy reference (cups: red,
    pentacles: green, rods: yellow, swords: blue)

Previous Customers

I  thought it only fair that my first customers should have an updated (albeit electronic) copy of the new booklet. If you ordered your deck before June, you should have received a PDF copy via email. If you haven’t received it, you may want to check your spam folder, or simply contact me and I will resend it for you :)


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