Tarot Review & Kickstarter Campaign

Nine Lives Tarot Review by Silver Moon Cat

A little while ago, I received a lovely email from a happy owner of Nine Lives Tarot. Silver Moon Cat’s review on YouTube is truly delightful and gives a fresh look at the deck as she walks you through the cards. You can watch the video below and I encourage you to subscribe to her channel for more exciting reviews:


Tarot Season :)

Over the past month, more Nine Lives Tarot decks than usual have been walking out my door, set for new homes around the world. It must be tarot season :)

This deck will always hold a special place in my heart and I’m glad to see it spread its wings.

Queen of Swords and card back – Nine Lives Tarot
The Sun and card back – Nine Lives Tarot

My Playing Cards on Kickstarter

There are only 9 days left on the campaign – and this is your chance to jump on board and take home a colourful deck of cards! Just today, we crossed the funding goal, which is truly amazing – as it means this colourful deck will be printed! The journey is well-documented on my Art Blog, where you can follow the design process from ink on paper to completed artwork.

The forum on Aecletic Tarot recently closed and while I have been an infrequent visitor in the past year, a friend encouraged me to join the Cartomancy forum. This little corner of the web is definitely an exciting new place to discover – there’s a focus on reading, interpreting and enjoying cards in all forms, with a leaning towards playing cards :)

Until next time: All the best,
Annette :)