Signed mini card with May orders

A personal touch

I would love to sign each deck of Nine Lives Tarot before sending it on its way… yet as decks come from the printer wrapped in plastic, it would be a bit invasive of me to take the plastic off to scribble a note of ‘hello’ to a soon to be owner of each Tarot deck …

Instead, I wrap each deck carefully, package and send it on its way with a personal wish that both deck and owner will connect and get on well – as my mother often says: it is the thought that counts :)

Receive a signed mini Tarot card from Nine Lives Tarot

Thing is, I do like to personalise things, and during this month I will be including a hand-written and signed wallet size card from Nine Lives Tarot  with every order placed during May:

Signed card Nine Lives Tarot  by Annette Abolins

A mini card will be selected for you from the Major Arcana, and then personally signed on the back. This small size is perfect to keep in your wallet, use as a bookmark or whatever you may choose … your card is also laminated (after signing) for protection.

Please keep in mind that as I am printing your card on my home printer, colours may vary a little from the cards in your deck – I still hope that it will be a nice keepsake :)

If you want the card to be for someone other than yourself, please indicate this when you place your order so I can sign it for the right person.

Order in May and receive your signed
personal Tarot message!

Annette :)

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  1. That is so lovely, and it sounds as though it is much more than just the thought. An own special wallet-size tarot card is a great idea; I hope that lots of people take advantage of this very generous offer.

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