Drawing Update – The Visual Guide

In between other projects, I am busy creating a visual guide to accompany Nine Lives Tarot. This is a slow yet thoroughly enjoyable venture, where each stroke of ink on paper gives me time to delve deeper into the fascinating world of the Tarot.

If you enjoy learning about the Tarot, you have probably discovered many interesting books and online resources, but what about a visual guide? The Tarot, which is intrinsically visual continues to be explored and explained by many talented and wonderful wordsmiths. However, in addition to these elaborate and helpful books, I do believe that there is room for a visual explanation of the Tarot; as it can at times, make perfect sense to explain a picture with more pictures :)

Meet the Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords - WIP - Pen & ink Annette AbolinsDrawing in progress: Introducing the Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords – As  he takes in the surroundings he has already formed a plan of action. No time is like the present; he will abandon fear, hesitation and emotion in order to act and move forward on his noble path of determination …

It is true that a picture can tell more than a thousand words; the visual aspect allows us to absorb and understand meaning on a more intuitive level … similar to how words in a song carried by music, have the ability to transfix us and transform our mood.

My hope is that this pen and ink journey (once complete), can act as an alternative source of information for users of Nine Lives Tarot (or indeed any Tarot deck). Down the track I do plan to add some words to clarify or pinpoint aspects of each drawing; at the moment though, I am simply enjoying the drawing process …

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  1. I DO like the Knight of Swords; I think that he and I would get along perfectly. The idea of quickly forming a plan of action and then moving steadfastly in that direction really appeals to me. Looking forward to the finished drawing.

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