Today’s Card: III of Rods

Today the Three of Rods has come out of the deck to say a few words about preparing for the road ahead. It is interesting that she should choose to make her appearance just as the school year is due to commence in this part of the world. :) On the path of learning there are times when we take stock of what we have gained, before we move on to expand our horizons … The Three of Rods is about knowing the road ahead and preparing for it.

III – Rods

III Rods - Nine Lives Tarot by Annette Abolins

Sharpening pencils and sorting out school things in preparation for the year ahead is very much in line with Three of Rods. This card is usually not about starting out on a new journey … as it tends to talk more about expanding your horizons through study, travel or business, on the journey you have already begun.

Traditional Keywords explaining III of Rods:

  • Preparation
  • Foresight
  • Enterprise
  • Time
  • Contemplation
  • Expansion
  • Journey
  • Perspective
  • Insight

The descriptive meaning of III of Rods in Nine Lives Tarot:

I am the III of Rods – I look out over the land to which I am connected, representing the stage of your spiritual & creative journey where you are expanding your horizons. I invite you to remain open-minded, accept advice and prepare for what lies ahead.

Rods – Wands – Batons – Staves – Staffs

Sweet child has many names …. this is evident in the Tarot where you can find 3 or more common names for each suit depending on origin, artist/author preference and so on. For Nine Lives Tarot I chose Rods, to describe the suit of spiritual and creative learning, along with fiery passion for ideas and innovation. As an artist, the name speaks to me because of the direct link between wood (rod) and fire (which governs the suit).

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  1. That was so lovely, and it fits in so perfectly with everything that is happening at the moment. Buying new pencils and sharpening them is such an exciting part of going back to school, isn’t it?

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