Tarot and Numerology

Comparing tools of Divination

How do Tarot and Numerology (and other tools of divination and introspection …) compare? What type of information can you expect to glean from the cards and numbers? Is the approach different depending on the tool? Obviously, this is a subject which could easily cover miles and miles of writing…  so without going too deep, I thought I would share a few of my reflections in this post :)

Tarot illustrated by Annette Abolins and Numerology

 A Personal Approach

Personally, I tend to believe that the way you approach tools of divination and introspection, largely depend on who you are and what you are looking for. There is room for all kinds of different approaches, methods and beliefs.

For some it may be helpful to follow the teachings laid out in books, where a systematic approach can help provide a sense of order in a chaotic world. For others, an intuitive and less systematic path may provide insight and acceptance of circumstances in life.


I grew up with Numerology (thanks to my mother) and despite being terrible at maths, I have a sub-conscious connection to numeral influences; where meanings associated with a 9 year, a 7 month, an 11/2 life path or a 5 expression… can at times provide serendipitous reflections on life and where things are at.

Sometimes, these reflections can provide rather annoying AHA moments: “No wonder work is piling up and I’m feeling stuck in a routine; I’m in the middle of a 4 month!”. At other times though, they appear as pleasant surprises “Oh THAT’s why I’m eager, able and energized to finish all my projects – a 9 year is just around the corner”… To me, Numerology has a place in the periphery of my life, where it can wear that ‘all-knowing’ look, but is prevented from interfering with actual events.

The Tarot

I was introduced to Tarot cards 20 something years ago and have over the years formed a fluid, personal and intuitive connection with the cards – where the visual aspect allows me to see and relate to them as characters offering advice and guidance to do with events and other aspects of life.

The Tarot has a more communicative and conversational place in my life. I turn to it for visual meditation and reflection. Sometimes I do look for answers or clarification, but there are just as many times when I’m not looking for answers; I just want the cards to travel through my hands and have a conversation with the cards that pop out … because invariably they will show me something…

Serendipitous Connections and Similarities

Despite cards and numbers being quite different in their ‘persona’, I have discovered that they often speak about the same thing … not once in a blue moon, but practically all the time!

One example is repeatedly pulling the Hermit and the High Priestess during a 7 month :)

I am curious if you experience the same thing? Do you use more than one method for introspection and divination? Do you rely more on one than the other?


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  1. Numbers, runes, images, palms, faces, planets… It probably does not make a lot of difference where the ‘starting point’ is, somehow or another the information will always be the same or similar. I feel that such things are simply tools or props to activate our intuition – after all, we actually know much more about things than we give ourselves credit for, and it is just a matter of unlocking this knowledge.

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