Today’s Card: The Empress

‘Today’s Card’ will be regular feature on this blog: where a card card is selected randomly for a moment in the spotlight and a chance to elaborate a little more on the meaning and story behind it. Today my son pulled The Empress from my deck of shuffled cards; it is such a fitting and positive card, especially as a younger version of him is present in the card :)

The Empress

The Empress illustrated by Annette AbolinsTraditional keywords for this card include:

  • Mother
  • Femininity
  • Fertility
  • Patience
  • Abundance
  • Marriage
  • Nature

Here is what The Empress has to say about my visual interpretation:

I am the Empress – representing your feminine and motherly side, I encourage you to live life through beauty and pleasure. My focus is all about love and protecting those I care for.

More about The Empress

The Empress represents the ultimate Mother figure; she is womanly, close to nature, nurturing and protective of those she loves.  The growing plants and her children are symbolic of her own fertility and abundant love. Her embrace is loving and gentle; encouraging those she loves to grow and feel nurtured in her presence.

As a card, she may speak to you of fertility, which could mean a possible pregnancy, or the nurturing of your own, or other children in your life. Being the nurturer, she may also be pointing to other aspects of your life that require your devoted care and attention to grow and prosper.

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