The Tower and a Sea of Boxes

In my previous post I touched on how we may have favourite cards, or cards that we feel more connected to. The Tower representing tumult, upheaval and sudden change has, despite its foundation rocking trait, always been one of my favourite cards.

The Tower - Nine Lives Tarot - Detail

The Power of Change

Not long after my last post, our family found ourselves in the midst of an unexpected house move … needing to find somewhere to go whilst packing up our present home. In line with the Tower, our foundations have crumbled, yet we have also been given the opportunity to clean out and start afresh. There is a new wind on the horizon and excitement is creeping into the sea of boxes.

Sorting through things is a combination of memory lane and demolition derby, especially when moving as there is no place for a ‘maybe’ pile. To help decide what to keep and what to discard; I tell myself that if it takes more than 3 seconds to decide, it goes … It doesn’t always work, but when you’re on a roll it definitely speeds things up :)

Our cat (designated mascot of Nine Lives), has become particularly good at climbing up on stacked boxes, according to him this is all a game … He plays with curtains as they come down, hides in empty cupboards and does his best to help with the mop and bucket :)

With less time for posting while we’re the move, I have made plans for some exciting specials in the next month:

Stay tuned for specials in November

To celebrate the power of change and this new fresh start there will be special offers on both playing cards and tarot decks in November.

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  1. Having seen the sea of boxes and chaos at first hand, I can agree that change can be tumultuous; however, after the disorder and loss of control comes order and a sense of peace and belonging. I’m sure that your change is going to lead to something fantastic.

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