Nine Lives Tarot

I got it! The postman did his best. Super fast from Australia to the Netherlands in 8 days! thank you so so much. First impression is very positive. The card-stock is perfect. Not glossy, sturdy but not too stiff and they shuffle like a dream.

The backs are a deep shade of blue and the printer managed to get the same tone on all the cards (pet peeve of mine, had a couple of decks with different shade on the backs… usually with blue) The colours are just like on the website. Strong, deep and alive.

The images are rider waite smith but with a personal twist that resonate well with my personal views on life and tarot. That’s probably why I’m so drawn to this deck (even more now its in my hands) because the artwork is nothing like the artwork I usually go for in tarot. I have a feeling I’m going to work with this deck a lot and I’m looking forward to the adventures we are going to share and the growing I’m going to do ;-)