Sun Spiral Pendant – Stoneware

$9.20 AUD

Sun Spiral

Kiln-fired stoneware clay pendant combining symbols of both Sun and Spiral. Strength and vitality from the sun enhanced by the energy and direction of the spiral.

Size: approx. 35mm round, strung on open leather cord (black).


Handcrafted Stoneware Pendants:


Symbols have been part of our lives since ancient times; as good luck charms, protective amulets and treasures we draw inspiration from.

Materials & Colours

Made from stoneware clay, painted, glazed and kiln-fired up to 1280 degrees (Celsius). The subtle variations in colour, glaze & firing come together, enhancing brush strokes and the natural look & feel of each individual piece.


Designed to be worn, each pendant is strung on an open leather cord (knotted at each end to prevent slipping). You can easily adjust the position of your pendant by tying a double knot to keep it secure.

Note: as each pendant is uniquely hand-made, and also because screens display colours slightly differently, your pendant may differ slightly from the photo.

Additional information

Weight30 g
Dimensions4.0 × 4.0 × 0.5 cm

Lustre on Black, Citrus & Iris