Purple Paisley 25mm Cabochon Ring

$17.00 AUD

25mm Paisley ring in striking purple hues, steeped in positive symbolic meaning and playful movement. The artwork is sealed beneath a 25mm cabochon, fitted with a silver coloured wide (adjustable) base.

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Paisley Rings

The Paisley Flower collection is a celebration of joy, drawing on the universal paisley symbol (believed to have originated in ancient Kashmir and India), symbolising fertility, creation and abundance. The artwork combines the simplicity of shape with floral detail and playful movement.

Note: Each piece is individually handcrafted and there may be slight differences compared to the photos displayed here.

My jewellery pieces are handcrafted through a labyrinth of steps and stages where colour and imagination come together to make wearable art. The artwork is sealed under a glass cabochon, which magnifies detail, reflects light and makes the colours shine.

Caring for your Ring

  • Remove before shower or swim to avoid disappointment
  • Avoid wearing while doing the dishes or other wet chores…
  • Use a soft cloth to polish the cabochon glass and backing when needed
  • Wear with pride and joy.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3.5 cm