Preparing to Launch VIZAĜO on Kickstarter

The past weeks have been a flurry of preparation and VIZAĜO, my new deck of playing cards are almost ready to launch.

VIZAĜO by Abolina Art

VIZAĜO is a custom illustrated deck of playing cards depicting vibrant and colourfully segmented faces. Bold artwork flows across the cards connecting and distinguishing each suit through colour. This is a fun deck, which aims to be both collectable and very much playable!

Vibrant and colourful Kings, Queens and Jacks Ace, King and 8 of Diamonds

Introducing this deck to the world via a crowd-funding platform is exciting, new (for me) and very much an all-immersive experience where I am learning on my feet. Aiming to print more decks than I have in the past, there are some pretty exciting things in store for everyone who backs the project:

  • VIZAĜO will be printed by Legends Playing Card Co. – renowned for their high quality printing, card stocks and finishing touches
  • The decks from the campaign will be shipped by Gambler’s Warehouse in Texas – who have a great reputation in shipping decks securely around the world
  • You pay less if you pledge during the campaign – remaining decks will be made available here on Nine Lives after the campaign, though the price will be higher (and the wait will be longer)
  • If the first stretch goal (above the main funding goal) is unlocked, both the red deck (Lumina) and the blue deck (Lumino) will be printed
  • Additional stretch goal will include internal foil on all tuck boxes (which will look pretty elegant and shiny).

I hope you are excited about this deck, as I have loved every minute of creating the artwork!

This post will update to include the campaign link as soon as I go live (hopefully within a week).

Thank you for stopping by!
Annette :)