Playing Cards – The Box & The Joker

The artwork has been sent to the printer where presses are working to complete this little deck of cards. In this post you’ll find a preview of the card box, which comes with every deck … and the Joker, along with the story behind how she came to be …

I hope you enjoy, and keep watching this space for the decks to arrive :)

The Card Box

I like card boxes, despite many cards finding a pouch or special bag to reside in, that little card box is often their first ‘home’, a snug and safe place for them to sleep on the journey to the next place. The box is also a space for images and text to awaken curiosity, as they talk about the cards to be found inside…

Design by Annette AbolinsCard box (front and back) for Nine Lives Illustrated Playing Cards

Playing cards by Annette AbolinsDeck and back of card box

Artwork by Annette AbolinsCard back artwork & design – Nine Lives Illustrated Playing Cards

The Joker …

I had ideas floating around in my head for the Joker, but I was having trouble deciding which way to go… Card symbols, colours, harlequin, cat, or both … The Fool? A character that would feel at home in the deck, though be separate… Full figure or reversible? Funny, cheeky or barking mad?  I asked by husband for advice. He laughed and said: “Look in the mirror” Straight away, all those floating ideas just clicked, and I knew exactly what I wanted for the card … Pen to paper and off I went …

Artwork by Annette AbolinsThe Joker – signature card

This Joker represents both the artist (me)  and the whimsical friend (cat), who inspires the name of the deck … Amid the traditional elements (red & green)  and meanings,  she embarks on the journey of being a Joker in her own right; with furry friend at side, paint brushes held high & bright colours and card symbols chiming in …

Because of the personal aspect of this card, it felt right that it should also be the ‘signature card’. Most playing card decks have one card (often the Ace of Spades), which bears a logo, stamp, or signature of the maker (or publisher)… and so, the signature logo for Nine Lives illustrated playing cards, resides on the 2 Joker cards in each deck.

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Annette :)

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  1. Once again, a lovely post. I really like the artwork, both on the box and on the signature card (the Joker). I can imagine that you are feeling very excited now that the cards are, literally, almost in your hands. From what I have seen of the cards, they are a beautiful complement to your tarot deck. Congratulations.

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