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Reviews on WoPC

Reviews of Nine Lives Tarot and Playing Cards were recently published on The World of Playing Cards.

Nine Lives Tarot review on WoPC

Personally, I am thrilled to be featured on a site that is home to such vast and interesting information about playing cards and their history from all around the world.

Whether you are interested in how playing cards have evolved and changed over the past centuries, discovering quirky facts about cards in advertising, finding new decks by designers … or seeing how the illustration styles and symbols differ from country to country – WoPC has the ability to keep you entertained for hours (literally) :)

Interview in Card Culture #20

52 Plus Joker is the American Playing Card Collectors’ Club – open to collectors, enthusiasts, cardists, designers and card lovers from around the world.

Card Culture is 52 Plus Joker’s monthly online magazine – and the July issue featured an interview section where I was selected as one of four member of the card community to answer Three Questions.

Annette Abolins featured in Card Culture

The answers aim to decipher views on design trends and the effect crowd-funding platforms such as Kickstarter have had on the playing card world. It was fascinating to read the responses of the other three members, especially as my take on crowd-funding is still that of a designer yet to lauch her first campaign :)

New Deck in Progress

The last month has been a busy, creative month with lots of drawing and painting :)
A new deck of playing cards is starting to take form – bright, happy, colourful …

Jack of Hearts - Annette Abolins

If you want to follow the progress of my new deck (still unnamed) – the best place to do so is on my art portfolio:

Abolina Art Articles

Nine Lives Tarot and Playing Card Decks are available to be shipped anywhere in the world, right here:

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