My Very First Tarot Workshop

I admit I was a little nervous getting ready for my very first Tarot workshop, as I find it quite daunting to talk about myself and my art … Yet, walking through the door to the peaceful Magick Circle, butterflies settled, and I found myself looking forward to what the afternoon would bring. Luna and Bernie are just so good at making you feel welcome; if you are local to the coast, make sure to pop into their growing haven of magical things! Personally, I cannot wait to see Luna’s ‘flying lessons’ sign go up on the door of her reading room (it’s a hoot!) …

A magical afternoon with cards

Tarot workshop - Magick circle

5 lovely women came to the workshop, which turned out to be a special and truly magical event – thank you ladies :)  We talked about tarot,  favourite cards, types of readings and symbolism in cards, as the afternoon literally flew by … We had a yummy afternoon tea (thank you Bernie), and a nice group reading to end the day… And we’re already talking about doing repeat in the new year :)

Favourite tarot cards …

Every card has something to offer in a reading, be that good advice, insight or a reminder – there are no bad cards … so having favourites may seem a little silly, but not necessarily … The cards we feel a stronger connection to (whether they are in a reading or not), have an important role to play. Below, are some of my personal favourites:

Some of my favourite cards - Nine Lives Tarot

  • The Moon – when imagination and dreams stray from reality, I’m glad to have the moon shine it’s light on the shadow lands
  • The Tower – inevitable big change brings something new. I also like this card because it was the first one I ever had in a reading
  • Strength – drawing on inner strength and courage is a powerful reminder of ‘can do’
  • The Sun – positive, happy, joyful and radiant – what’s not to like? :)
  • Queen of Swords  – she has clarity and sharp wit, and she tells it like it is.

Are there cards that you feel more connected to than others?

Annette :)

2 thoughts on “My Very First Tarot Workshop”

  1. I’m so glad to hear that the workshop went so well and that there will possibly be another one in the new year. Do I feel more connected to some cards more than others? That is a fairly difficult question: I’m not sure. The chariot sums up so much that is important in achieving what one wants to achieve, but I also like the high priestess, because I feel that listening to one’s inner voice (intuition) is very important. Along the same lines, I am also drawn to the hermit.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on connecting with the cards; I do like the Chariot; places to go – people to see, can’t wait :) I like your other choices too – especially, as opposite traits often work well together.

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