2 Cards for Aeclectic Tarot collaborative Deck

The 5th Aeclectic Tarot collaborative deck is nearing completion, thanks to the brilliant effort put in by the two main organisers, and also the artist contributors. I have really enjoyed being part of the project and look forward to seeing the whole deck displayed on the AT website.

In this post I want to share the completed versions of the last two cards I signed up for:

The Empress

Tarot artwork by Annette AbolinsThe Empress – Pen & ink drawing and digital painting

I am The Empress and I welcome you to my realm of natural beauty. I represent your feminine powers, mother nature and life itself. I am Mother, Daughter, Sister all in one – where matters concerning love, fertility and passion will always be close to my heart. I encourage you to follow your creative path, to breathe the air of abundance as you move forward to fulfil your dreams.

The apple and the flowing red dress are symbols of fertility. The stream connects to emotions and nature. The moon symbolises intuition, love is represented by the symbol of Venus, and abundance is represented by jewels and lush nature. 

2 of Wands

Tarot artwork by Annette Abolins2 of Wands – Pen & ink drawing combined with hand-drawn illustration in Photoshop

My journey along the path of creativity and spirituality has begun with the wind of confidence blowing in my hair. As my boat ferries me toward new horizons, I look to the shores I leave behind, where the past holds wisdom and knowledge I will rely on in the future.

The eagle represents courage, vision and perception – the boat and water represent the journey, and the budding leaves on the wand symbolise the beginning of something new.

I enjoyed creating the artwork for these cards and, as a result I am more than inspired to begin work on my next Tarot deck :) First though, I need to finish the Playing cards (a few cards to go) and a few other projects, yet I am hoping to make a start on a new deck in the not too distant future …

Thank you for visiting and take care
Annette :)

2 thoughts on “2 Cards for Aeclectic Tarot collaborative Deck”

  1. They are both beautiful; I particularly like the Empress. When the whole deck is displayed on the AT website, will anyone be able to look at it or just registered members?

    • Thank you :) I’m pretty sure anyone will be able to look the deck. Previous collaborative decks have been used as card images for the free daily readings on the website, and I think I read somewhere that this one would be launched in a similar way. Though don’t quote me yet – I’ll check the details and make sure I know the full story in my next update about the project :)

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